The course fee must be paid on time ( before commencement of the course ) to MCO Training Center
Should the course unfortunately not continue, then the fee will be refunded.
Registration is personal and valid for the entire course or activity, therefore , the entire course fee must be paid.
Cancellation cancellation or no participation by the student, not refundable.
If a payment has been arranged with a student , the student is required to make the payment which was agreed before starting the course, even as a student decided to no longer participate after the 3rd lesson
The course will start only if the minim of participants have been reached .
In case a course do not start the participants are allowed to have their course fee refunded
A registration is valid only after receipt of the completed registration form and the course fee.
If a lesson can not go through, each participant will be informed by email or by phone ; check before you leave home or work your Whatsapp, voicemail or your e- mail .
Refreshments may not be consumed at the computer table.
Certificates are issued only after completion of the full course. In case of an examen, a certificate will only be issued if the participant obtains a grade of 6 or higher.

For Individual

Payment must be done by banktransfer
Payment must be made before commencement of a course

For Companies:

Payment must be done by banktransfer or a cheque
Payment must be made within 5 working days after invoice date and before commencement of a course.
A Group rate depending on the quantity of participants

MCO Training Center reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

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